F I N E   A R T   S P E C I A L   P R O J E C T S

Turn your dreams into exciting reality.  The vision of EYE INTERNATIONAL.

EYE INTERNATIONAL is an invaluable resource for customized fine art projects and works of art.  See a description of our services and how they could work for you listed immediately below.

  • Site-Specific Projects that include site inspection, analysis and concept, execution and installation of sculpture and paintings for private residences, hotel lobbies, restaurant interiors, as well as public spaces and institutions.
  • Commissions in Paintings and Sculpture for businesses, institutions, collectors, architects and designers.
  • Decorative Items of Unusual Design created for private residences, collectors and businesses.
  • Sculpted Functional Pieces including tables, fountains, lamps and vases carved from exotic stone and wood.
  • Eduardo Olbés

    Click on an image below to view the biography and works of featured artist Eduardo Olbés.

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